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Final Fantasy Couples VII VIII XI X xii xiii Valentine's day Shipping Acrylic Keychain Charm


Suteki da ne!

Each charm is single sided printed on metallic or glitter acrylic.

Aerith/Zack, Cloud/Tifa, Zidane/Garnet and Fran/Baltheir are printed on Metallic Pink Acrylic
Tidus/Yuna And Squall/Rinoa are printed on Gold Acrylic.
Zack/Cloud, Wakka/Lulu, and Fang/Vanille are printed on Blue Metallic Acrylic
Aerith/Tifa-Printed on Red acrylic

Each charm is approximately 2 in in size.

PLEASE NOTE Aerith/Tifa is a Preorder and will not ship until Late May-Early June